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Try giving the supplement in very, very small amounts mixed in with a mash or treat to get your horse used to the smell and taste, then work up to a full scoop.

Most of our supplements can be given together or one given in the AM feeding and the other given in the PM feeding.  For example, NitrOxide and NutraWound work very well together especially for injury recoveryNitrOxide in the AM feeding and NutraWound in the PM feeding when the body is more at rest.  NitrOxide brings blood flow to the injured area and NutraWound helps produce collagen to repair and rebuild the body.  We recommend this combo for horses with Laminitis. 

Some of our products can be made Competition Safe, which means they are USEF/FEI compliant for such disciplines as Dressage, Hunter/Jumper or any riding discipline that is regulated by USEF/FEI.  The supplements that qualify for competition safe are marked with the symbol “CS” in our brochure and on our website.  They either state “CS Compliant” or “CS Available”.  The supplement marked “CS Compliant” means it is always show safe.  The supplements marked “CS Available” means it can be made both ways – show safe and non-show safe.  To be show safe, certain ingredients are removed to make it USEF/FEI compliant.

The Calming/Focus Powder is more concentrated because it is not bound with molasses like the cookies. The powder is usually given in the AM feeding and can be incorporated into a horse’s daily supplement schedule, if needed.  The Calming/Focus Cookies on the other hand, are great for travel because they are very portable.  Both calming products can be given on a daily basis.  You might need 1-3 cookies or 1-2 scoops depending on the anxiety level of the horse.  Both work very well togetherthe powder in the AM feeding and the cookies as needed.

Our Calming/Focus Cookies and Calming/Focus Powder should be given about one hour before a stressful event such as hauling, competing, bad weather, separation anxiety or any other stressful situation.  We use the amino acid, L-Tyrosine which helps produce serotonin which gives your horse a sense of well-beingwithout making them feel sleepy, tired or unable to compete.  Our calming/focus products usually last in the body for 4-6 hours.

Performance is an everyday supplement to help with over-all general health.  It’s ideal for an easy keeper and horses of all ages to help balance their diet.

Muscle Mass is based off of Performance, but with added ingredients to help increase lean muscle.  It’s good for young horse development and hard keepers to help bring your horse to a healthy weight.

We recommend our supplement, Lung Function for bleeders, coughing, breathing issues and allergies.  Once a horse bleeds, it is helpful to rest for 4-6 weeks in order to give the capillaries time to heal.  While the horse is on rest, that is the time to give Lung Function to help regulate blood flow and increase the elasticity in the capillaries and lower pulmonary pressure.

FlamOxide is best for horses with arthritis, rheumatoid and other joint issues and senior horses.

JointPLUS is an excellent all-over joint product that contains a blend of amino acids, herbs and Omega-3 flax.

JointFLEX is a concentrated joint formula containing approx. 4,000mg of glucosamine and approx. 3,000mg of chondroitin per scoop.An excellent joint supplement for your competitive horse.

We always recommend you check with your vet before starting a supplement regimen.  We suggest that you give our supplements at least 3-4 hours apart from any prescribed drugs.

A custom formula tailored to your horse’s specific needs can help solve difficult, re-occurring cases and increase over-all health benefits.  The process is simple: just have your vet or yourself email us your horse’s CBC and Chemistry Panel and a brief history and issues you are having with your horse. Email us at:

(1)Use GastroPLUS to help target gastric and colonic ulcers.If you suspect your horse might have ulcers, then we usually recommend to start with this supplement for at least 30 days.GastroPLUS helps the horse’s own ability to produce more mucus in the stomach lining, therefore helping your horse control and contain the acid.

(2)G.I. Ulcer Support is recommended after the use of GastroPLUS for continued maintenance.Great for horses that are ulcer prone or in a stressful environment.

(3)Ulcer Prevent – Special Blend is one of the many blends (up to 4 blends) that can be added to our Muscle Mass or Performance supplements.Ideal for horses with mild ulcer issues to help prevent ulcers.