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October 14, 2022 3 min read

5 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas For Your Horse and Dog

Whether you have canines or equines, we have costume suggestions for you. 


Follow along for our pet picks, and don’t forget to enter T.H.E. Edge Equine’s annual animal costume contest! The competition will take place on Facebook and Instagram and two winners will receive a FREE T.H.E. Sample Pack!

Our Favorites this Fall

The Trendy:“It’s corn-dog🌽 

While candy corn is more seasonal, corn on the cob is trending this year! Anyone with TikTok has heard the audio “It’s corn”. Pay tribute to this viral video with your dog’s Halloween costume this year. This costume is sure to get some likes!

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The DIY: Sheet Ghost Shire👻 

Nothing says Halloween like a sheet ghost! This costume is as spooky as it is simple. If you are looking for a costume that comes from your closet (or tack room) this is the one for you! We call them fly sheets for a reason… between a white fly sheet with a neck cover, and a bed sheet with some scissors, this makes the perfect, easy costume for horse AND rider. Give even more Boo’s with a white sleazy spandex hood! This costume is super affordable and practical.

The Couple: Lady & the Tramp 🍝 

Romance isn’t dead… for dogs! This is the perfect costume for two canine sweethearts. Dress “Lady” in a snazzy, blue collar and get creative with some yarn to add spaghetti to the scene. This costume is a great way to incorporate your whole pack


The Funny: “Kid’s Sale Pony” 🤕 

Humor is the way to the heart! This costume presents another easy option, and allows some room for creativity. This is a perfect Halloween costume for a skitish horse because it requires minimal accessories. Find some crutches laying around and dress as a patient beside your horse. All they’ll have to wear is a “for sale” sign. This costume is sure to get a laugh from the audience!


The Classic~with a twist~:“The Headless Houndsman ” 🐶

Doing this on your horse would be too easy, but on a pooch is too clever! Teach an old dog new tricks with this Halloween costume from Chewy! This costume is a spin-off of a traditional Halloween archetype.

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Safety First, Festivity Second. 

While these options are all adorable, please keep in mind that each animal is different and not all will be comfortable in every costume. It is important to consider your pet’s safety and your own when dressing up this Halloween. When picking a costume, never choose one that may impair your horse or dog’s vision. Also remember to be considerate of the unfamiliar sounds and appearances some costumes create. It is best practice to ensure pets are comfortable and familiar with the costume components before expecting your pet to wear them. If a costume startles your animal, they will naturally respond with fight or flight. Prevent this reaction by being conscientious of your surroundings and redirecting nervous energy with reassurance as necessary. 

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